Christian Initiation of Adults

The process for initiation of new members is individualized for each person, although there is usually an ongoing group. How does a person become Catholic? describe the four stages: inquiry, formation, preparation for initiation and reflection upon initiation. The time frame for each period can vary; generally, the total time frame is several months to a year. Weekly sessions are held throughout the year. Inquirers can meet according to their schedule. Those in the formation stage attend one of the Saturday or Sunday Eucharistic Celebrations and stay for an additional hour to hour and a half. The norm for adult baptism is a celebration at the Easter Vigil, though exceptions can be made.

If you are considering the Catholic faith, or you are an adult Catholic who has yet to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist or Confirmation, contact Deacon Bill Caubet.

Si eres alguien que está considerando la fe católica, o es un adulto católico que aún no ha recibido uno o varios de los Sacramentos de la Reconciliación, la Eucaristía o la Confirmación, póngase en contacto con Diácono Bill Caubet


Couples interested in getting married at Sacred Heart should review the parishWedding Guildlines (pdf) . Wedding dates are added to the calendar when the proper guideline steps have been taken. Six months notice and preparation time is required.

Guía para las bodas celebradas en la Iglesia Sagrado Corazón

Infant Baptism / Bautismo infantil

Baptisms are generally performed during the weekend Mass celebrations. Parents are required to be registered and to attend an instruction session to prepare for the sacrament of baptism. After attending the session, parents may schedule the baptism through the Parish Office at the weekend Mass of their choice. The baptism class is scheduled privately.

El bautismo se realiza generalmente durante las celebraciones de fin de semana, en la Misa de los segundo y cuarto domingo de cada mes. Los padres tienen que ser miembros de la Parroquia Sagrado Corazón y asistir a una sesión para prepararse para el sacramento del bautismo. Después de asistir a la sesión, los padres pueden programar el bautismo y escoger una fecha. Las clases de bautismo son programado a través de la oficina parroquial o a través de el teléfono 443-3470.

Sacramental Preparation for Children and Youth

Children are prepared for the first reception of Reconciliation in the first semester of grade two during their class sessions in the Parish School of Religion or at Columbia Catholic School. Parent meetings in October and November will involve parents and families in this preparation. A Communal Celebration of Reconciliation for the children and their families is celebrated in early December. Children in grade two are prepared in the second semester for the first reception of Eucharist. Parent meetings in March will involve parents and families in the preparation. Individual celebrations of First Eucharist can be scheduled on the Saturday/Sundays after Easter. Children beyond grade two who have not received first sacraments can have a special preparation. Call the parish office to discuss procedures. Confirmation is celebrated with juniors and seniors in high school every other year. The monthly preparation sessions begin in early September and run through early May.