2013/14 PSR starts Sept. 8 – volunteers still needed

Dear PSR families,

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and a time to enjoy family and friends. We welcome you back to a new school year at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Parish School of Religion. We are planning for 28 classes this 2013-14 school year, beginning Sunday, September 8 and ending Sunday, May 4, 2014. We are having registration the two weekends before classes begin, immediately after each of the Saturday and Sunday Masses inside the Gathering Space, next door to church. If you have a child entering Kindergarten through 8th grade, and would like to enroll in PSR classes, please register after Masses on Saturday/Sunday Aug. 24 and 25 or Labor Day weekend Masses, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

This year, we will follow a little different start time/location than previous years. Fr. Herb wants us to make sure we have a full, one-hour class each Sunday, which sometimes gets a little shortened when the children linger too long in the activity building for donuts and juice. So, to make sure kids can enjoy their donut and a few minutes of visiting, Father Herb will dismiss the children (like we do with Children’s Liturgy of the Word) right after they receive Holy Communion at 8:30 am Sunday Mass. After Holy Communion and everyone is seated, the priest will invite the children attending PSR to come to the Altar for a final blessing. Catechists will be at back of church after the children receive a blessing, and will take them to the Activity Building for a donut and juice. If families are not attending 8:30 Mass, you can bring your children directly to the Activity Building around 9:40 a.m., as catechists will be escorting children into the Activity Building from church. Or, you can take your child directly to their classroom at 9:50 am when class begins. Please stay with your child until you see his or her teacher. Class ends at 10:50 am, as we have catechists and students who attend 11 a.m. Mass, so you must be there to pick up your child promptly.

PSR classes are taught by parish volunteers, and each year, including this year, we are looking for teachers, co-teachers and assistant teachers who are willing to offer their time to this most important ministry. We are asking each family to consider volunteering, at minimum, two of the potential 8 or 9 years their child will participate in PSR – so, 1/4th of the time. If each family is willing to help lead, co-teach, or assist, we will not have a problem of finding teachers to fulfill all 8 grades. We are required to have two teachers per classroom at all times, so our ministry requires a volunteer force of 14 catechists each year.

Therefore, we are asking if any of you would be available to help this coming year, as we are short of catechists in several classes. We have a wonderful Catechist handbook that accompanies the student books, which is offered by Loyola Press, A Jesuit Ministry in Chicago. With an hour of prep time, outside of class time, you can follow the guidelines in these books, which cover a full hour of lessons. We will also support you as catechists; in purchasing supplies for the classroom and offering ideas/guidance if you have questions about the material you’re teaching or wanting to plan additional activities in class.

Please give our request careful and prayerful thought of when you’d be able to help our children learn the Catholic faith. Trust me, you do not need to have experience as a schoolteacher or “expert” in Catholicism. As catechists, we are all part of the journey of learning with our students and our teaching handbooks are an excellent guide. If you are available this upcoming year, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for being part of our PSR family and we welcome you back! We look forward to spending time with your children and discovering God among us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sr. Mary Clare or me.


Beth Cunningham, PSR Coordinator
573-445-5095 home 573-881-4464 cell email

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