Dinner for 8

This meal combines four couples (8 people) comprised of married, single, widowed, and divorced adults once a month for four months at each others’ homes for the simple purpose of getting to know each other. The dinner is purposed to introduce members and regular attendees of this church to each other over dinner tables across the parish. Meals are shared with people from different generations, ethnicities, ability-level, and social status. We invite you to join the Dinner for Eight program this semester. Another round of the program will be held in the spring if the first goes well. You can sign up with your contact information after all masses Aug. 3-4 and Aug. 10-11. You will have an opportunity to complete a form via email for the Faith Formation Committee to assign your group. You will receive a letter from Suzanne Boss to announce the assigned groups after Aug. 15. The meals would ideally occur monthly starting in August. For more information, contact Suzanne Boss at or see the August issue of Heart of the Matter.

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