Financial Peace University

2018 will be the year when you stop living paycheck to paycheck and start winning with money!

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a life-changing nine-week program on personal finance. It is taught by Dave Ramsey, America’s most trusted source for financial straight talk.

You will walk through the basics to manage money better, budget, eliminate debt, build wealth, give generously and plan for the future.

The best way to jumpstart your financial journey and see the most significant life changes is to join a local group and experience the class with other people. Classes typically meet for ninety minutes per week. Each class features a lecture by Dave Ramsey on DVD. Then a small group discussion is led by a volunteer coordinator. The accountability and motivation you receive from discussing the lessons and meeting with people face to face is the key to changing your life!

Financial Peace University is designed for you if:

  • You live paycheck to paycheck (too much month at the end of your money.)
  • You feel like your money has control over you.
  • You carry large credit card balances or use debt consolidation loans.
  • You struggle in your relationships due to finances.
  • You don’t have a clear understanding of real estate and mortgages, college planning, credit reports, etc.
  • You don’t understand stocks, bonds, mutual funds or how to invest for your future.

September 9th is the second time Sacred Hearts will offer Financial Peace University. Deb and Michael Johnoff (parishioners) are the Coordinators. We took the course two years ago (at a different church in town) and were very impressed with the practicality and logic and the fact that it WORKS. By following the outlined “Baby Steps,” we were able to get out of debt (except for house) for the first time in our 37 years of married life! It feels amazing to have no car loans, no student loans, and not even any Christmas credit card loans. It feels good to have increased our monthly charity giving as well.

On average, FPU graduates pay off $5300 in debt over the first 90 days.

Come join us in this journey toward Financial Peace.  To enroll go to

As Dave Ramsey says: “Normal is broke, be weird.”

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