Pentecost Video

True to those gathered at the first Pentecost, we are of African, American, Asian, European, Philippine and Indian descent, speaking at least 15 languages among us! Seekers, our journeys here have taken many paths. We are native born, refugees fleeing war, immigrants looking for a better life. We are students, young couples with babies and school-aged children, working stiffs, grandparents, and retirees with time and energy to share.

At first glance, we don’t appear to belong together. Our educational backgrounds, world views, appearances and styles of dress are different. Some of us are laborers while others are in professional roles. We are a motley-looking crew, a fitting image of the Universal Church!

Look deeper. See beyond the world to accept that love is our common language. Just as those gathered at the first Pentecost, we reach out to each other with one message of love in many languages. We are a Christian community building households of faith.

We have sought, received and accepted “the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it. But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you.” (John 14:16-17)

Filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we are a people of hope. We share each other’s trials and walk together in faith.

True to His Word, we have asked, sought, knocked and found the door open. (Luke 11:9-10) Join us. We welcome you with open arms.

And so I pray: Dear Lord, open the eyes and hearts of those blind to your love. Bring them to our open door.

Let’s keep Sacred Heart As Beautiful Outside As it is Inside

Sacred Heart families, you are so good at cultivating caring relationships, making meaningful, music-rich liturgies and keeping the sparkle in our woodwork, walls and windows.  But now there is a new need as a result of a cut in our maintenance staffing. We need a way to sustain our landscaping with the same degree of beauty and care as the rest of our church.

So here’s the plan. If many parishioners can give just one hour of time this summer or fall to help out with simple outdoor tasks then our church stays beautiful and inviting and no one is overworked. So how many of you, young or old, can volunteer one of these Saturday mornings at Sacred Heart? Take a look at and Oct. 12, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14  all second Saturdays of the month. All you do is circle a date that works best for you and then show up at 8:30 a.m.!  An experienced gardener will meet you in front of church to give you a job that’s just right for you. It’ll be an hour well spent.

If God inspires many of us to give just one hour of our time and talent in this way then Sacred Heart will always be as beautiful outside as it is inside.



18th Annual Paul Prost Memorial Golf Tournament

Sacred Heart parish is hosting the 18th Annual Paul Prost Memorial Golf Tournament. The tournament will be held on Monday September 23 at Columbia Country Club golf course. (Noon lunch.1:00 PM shotgun start. Four-person scramble.)  Past participants have proclaimed this one of the most fun tournaments of the year. Proceeds from the tournament benefit the Sacred Heart building maintenance fund. Get your team together and be prepared to have a good time. Tournament sponsorships are available. For information contact Gene Gerke at 573-875-7125 ext 101, or email: