Sacred Heart Going Green

Sacred Heart has made some changes recently to be more environmentally friendly. We are all responsible to do our part to protect and care for the gifts God has given us such as this wonderful place to live, Earth.

One of the steps we have taken is to no longer buy any Styrofoam items such as cups, bowls or plates. Although someone keeps donating Styrofoam cups, we have completely gone to paper products.  When we can find them we have gone to products that are easily recycled.

The other major step we have done is making sure there are recycle containers in both the Activity Building and the Education Building. There are three containers in the AB: one is for plastic and glass.  The plastic that can be recycled in Columbia are any with the # 1-7, NO Styrofoam. And any glass items such as wine bottles.  The second container is for Aluminum cans such as soda and food cans.  The third container is for Fiber such as cardboard, paper plates and paper cups.

We need your help, instead of throwing items in the trash can please use the recycle containers we have provided. Every little thing we can do can make the future better and protect our environment for generations to come.  If you would like to get information about setting up recycling in your own home check out the city of Columbia’s website at

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