Sacred Heart Parking issues

parkingParking lot at corner of Locust and Waugh Streets:

The small lot on the corner across Locust Street from the Church is reserved for parishioners and visitors seven days of the week.  The larger lot to the south is leased to Brookside apartments Monday through Friday.  Parishioners and visitors may use the lot on the weekends only, as Brookside residents are obligated to vacate the lot Saturdays and Sundays.

Parking behind the Education Building:

There is limited parking behind the Education Building, and those spaces are reserved for the Sacred Heart staff members during the work week.  On the weekends, the spaces may be used by parishioners for Mass attendance.  Weekday visitors should use the parking lot on the corner of Locust and Waugh streets.

Handicap parking:

There are several handicap parking spaces available in the lot at the corner of Locust and Waugh streets.  The first space is a van accessible space.  Visitors with handicap parking privileges for their cars should use the car-size spaces, leaving the van accessible space for larger vehicles.

Parking in front of the Activity Building:

Only one handicap parking space exists between the Activity Building and the Parish Office/Rectory.  No other parking spaces are provided on the concrete between those buildings.  During the week, 5-minute parking is permitted for drop-off purposes only.

Parking meters:

City of Columbia parking meters are enforced 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Parking is free in metered spaces all day Sunday.  Parking is city parking garages is free on Saturday and Sundays.


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