Sacred Heart is undertaking to renew a vision for the parish. The Pastoral Council has appointed a steering committee consisting of Fr. Francis Doyle, Rick Clawson, Gene Gerke, Jane Rutter, Vanessa Velez-Rivera, and Lucas Volkman. The steering committee is developing the process which will, in the course of the coming months, survey parishioners, analyze survey results, and develop a vision plan.

The purpose of the Sacred Heart Visioning Process is to “Discern and articulate a desired future for all aspects of Sacred Heart parish life that will help us all grow in our Catholic Faith and as a parish community.” The Vision will be developed with input from all interested parishioners and will set the focus for parish ministries, parish council, and commissions for the next several years.

Throughout the process, ideas generated, survey forms, survey results, draft documents, etc. will be posted on the Sacred Heart website and will be available in paper form, with an open invitation to parishioners to review and comment. Also throughout the process, as needs and tasks are identified, other parishioners will be asked to participate.


Visioning Survey Results
SH Visioning Committee Final Report (879 downloads)
Appendix E Survey Questionnaire (698 downloads)
Appendix F Parish Survey Report (629 downloads)
Appendix G Power Point Sides (634 downloads)


All parishioners are asked to pray for the success of the Vision process.
Visioning Prayer (715 downloads)

Visioning Process Plan (800 downloads)